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Important Message: Olympia is Changing
Over the next month, Olympia-Fastrack will become the Olympia Network.  This network will include new pages, new websites, and new features and events to bring you closer to the Olympic experience than ever before.
The change will be gradual, so bear with us during the transition.  We hope you enjoy the Olympia Network every bit as much as you've enjoyed Olympia and Fastrack for the last four years.


The Vancouver Games Approach

1/27/2010 - For four years we have last, the 2010 Olympic Winter Games are almost here!  On February 12 the cauldron in Vancouver will be lit, and the games of the XXI Winter Olympiad will officially be underway.
Over the next two weeks, Olympia will be changing, as we prepare to make the shift to Olympic mode.  Expect several major changes during the games:
Welcome Page: Expect to see an entirely new graphics set for our homepage as we prepare to usher in the Olympic Winter Games.  Over the next week, we hope to unveil a new homepage layout to ease navigation, allowing our readers to maximize their Olympic experience.
In the meantime, be sure to check out the new look for our countdown!
Vancouver 2010: Soon, the layout of the Vancouver page will be changing in preparation for the games.  While the Headlines and Athletes sections will remain, they will now be focused on the latest news from the games in Vancouver. 
The Villages and Venues section in the central column will also be expanding; in addition to offering information on the Olympic villages and venues, this section will now list upcoming events at each village and venue, letting readers know what's going on where.
The Vancouver homepage will also feature a new section, What to Watch.  This section will give a brief list of notable upcoming events, noting the major atheletes participating, and when and how one might watch the event.
Road to Vancouver: as the games are almost here, the Road to Vancouver page will soon be closed.  February 9 will be the last day for scores and news updates prior to the games. 
On February 28, 2010, the day of closing ceremonies in Vancouver, watch for a new section: Road to Sochi.  This new section will pick up where Road to Vancouver left off, following the exploits of winter atheletes as they prepare for the 2014 winter games in Sochi, Russia.
Torino 2006: With the Vancouver games upon us, and the XXII Winter Olympiad in Sochi on the horizon, we will soon be retiring our page for the 2006 games in Torino.  It's been fun...all of us have enjoyed reliving the passion and glory of the Torino games, but the time has come to pass the torch.
The Torino page will still be accessable in the Olympia Archive.


Fastrack now open

5/27/2006 - After much delay, Fastrack: Your guide to the Olympics is now open.  Fastrack, the smaller sister site to Olympia, is more sports-oriented, and covers all the latest action in the sports of the Summer Olympic Programme. 
On Fastrack Sportsline, check the latest standings of Major League Baseball, the NBA, international tennis competition, and the latest football (soccer) scores from the US, England, Spain, and Germany.
On Fastrack: Olympic Rings, professional sports are taken from a more international perspective.  Here, check the latest international rankings of the International Basketball Federation and FIFA, and catch the latest news of the most recent World Baseball Classic.
Of course, Fastrack is still an Olympia site, and thus there is always a place to go for more information on the games.  On One World, One Dream, you will find all the latest news on the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, including information regarding venues and a countdown to the games.
I hope you enjoy Fastrack as much as I enjoyed creating it.  And have a good summer!

The Olympia Archives

Construction begins on the archives

The summer is a time of reduced operation for Olympia, which means that each summer large web construction projects will be completed, providing scores of new features when operations resume in the fall.  This year, the main project is the construction of the Olympia Archive: a complete archive of pertinent information regarding every Olympic Winter Games held since they began in Chamonix in 1924.
The Olympia archive is now open.  Take a look, and learn more about the history of the Olympic Winter games.

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